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Luna ultrasound device is the result of a participatory design process. The design team used feedback to continuously enhance the device. The goal was to develop an ultrasound with a distinct identity to compete with its global competitors while also meeting the Iranian market's needs. Luna's touch control panel makes it possible to customize its interface. Due to its structure, The hardware can be upgraded without having replaced the entire device. Each part can be maintained separately. The probe holders can be shifted over based on the user preferences.

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Zino is a compact, professional-grade, and low-cost ultrasound. The height adjustment mechanism on the control panel was removed to save costs, and the trolley was modified to compensate and make it more useable for a wider range of users. The device can be used continuously due to the air circulation. The design team also aimed to add value through aesthetic innovation. The probe's transducers were moved to the back, making it easier to manage and giving it a neater look. While the zino aesthetic design is distinctive among other products, it follows the principle of form following function.

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This is a standard droplet shape analyzer, which is mainly composed of five parts: light source, injection unit, sample table, acquisition system and analysis software. The equipment adopts the principle of optical imaging and can measure the wettability of liquid to solid. The whole machine adopts square contour and arc turning, and adopts aluminum alloy black and silver to strengthen the recognition of scientific instruments. Proprietary software automatically batch fitting, avoiding human operation error and automatically generating data report.

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IC100 Mobile 3D X-Ray Fluoroscope

The portable X-Ray device captures video, still images and 3D imaging during surgery. First ever highly integrated, all in one 3D C-Arm solution, saving operating room space, easier to operate and transport. Oversized C-ring opening fits more surgical scenarios. Smart-Link technology opens up interactions with surgical robots, booming efficiency with 73 percent workflow deduction compared to the existing flow. Next-gen CMOS detector and unique algorithm allows high image quality at low doses. Stand-alone image console allows remote exposure, greatly radiation damage to medical staff.

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PreVue is a solution to enhancing maternal-fetal bonding as a reassurance window. It is an e-textile based apparatus that uses 4D ultrasound. Latest stretchable display technology is also employed on the abdominal region, allowing other members of the family especially the father to connect with the foetus in its context. PreVue not only gives you the opportunity to interact and comprehend the physical growth of the baby, but also an early understanding of its personality as you see it yawning, rolling, smiling etc., bringing you closer till the day it finally rests into your arms.

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Self Smear Test Kit

Cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women worldwide with approximately 471,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Approximately every 2 minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer. %80 of the cases occur in low-income or middle-income countries. Unfortunately, many women don't have access to routine tests such as Pap smears. Self Smear Test Kit allows personal user to perform smear test at home which enables early diagnosis, thus treatment. It is an economical and hygienic product that provides 6 caps to user, which is enough for a 3 year period of testing, once in a six months.

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